IGP Stories

Leaders' Pledge for Nature

Fast Forward 2030 Goes Digital and Global

Same storm, different boats: how racial inequalities impact prosperity

New Methods for New Times: Going Online with MOOC Co-Design

How a generation of Syrian children in Lebanon were robbed of their education

Essential workers define essential policy

The Human Side of Data Collection: An Ethnographic Narrative

To our community in Lebanon

Understanding the needs of a community

Farmer Led Regenerative Agriculture for Africa

We urgently need new tools to measure economic recovery after coronavirus

Adolescent Lives: The power of photography

Women in power: Female leadership and public health outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic

Director's Summer Reading List

Imagine: Voices from Lebanon

The Circular Bioeconomy – from Niche to Norm

Financial technologies for life on the move

When it comes to Green Buildings, the solutions are ready to go

Plastics and cities: A story of love and hate

The City and the Mountains

What makes us think that money will be useful in the future?

Losing a sense of home

Juggling macroeconomics, arts and humanities: physical distance with the closeness of care

Towards a new progress story which redefines our relationship to nature

Freedom to Create the Economy We Need

Community organisations will lead the post-COVID recovery

The Quest for Better Work and Livelihoods Post Covid-19 and Beyond

You deserve the world, and everything in it

Measuring the Good Life

The Covid-19 crisis is an opportunity to change how we think about racism

Food, the final frontier?

Localism offers insights and avenues for change

Ore and Peace

Film-making as part of Citizen Science

Let's rethink how we look at impact and research

A pandemic in the age of inequality

Can we imagine a future of many futures?

Forests and ice caps are more crucial than stocks and bonds

Prosperity and Playfulness

Data Hunting in the Mara and Mau Forest

‘The times they are a-changing’, but are they?

What Can Coronavirus Teach Us?

Africa Assembly: A new institution to catalyse an unprecedented era of social innovation

"We are being suffocated by fossil fuel emissions on a daily basis"

Why Universal Basic Services Will Help Us Go Green

A Clean Environment Is A Human Right

Dawning awareness

Fighting fires: Providing solutions for the UK's debt crisis

A street called Bliss: Understanding urban life

Indigenous Innovation

Director's Christmas List

After Nations

‘People don’t behave in a way economists sometimes think they behave’

Urgent need for developing an 'Economy of Belonging'

Re-shaping the understanding of prosperity

PROCOL Kenya: A radical approach to building sustainable prosperity for Africa

Teach Out, Tell the Truth, and Transform Tomorrow

Wales: Why re-think prosperity now?

From 'Crisis' to Opportunity: Migration Research Priorities in the Middle East

The Ethics of Open Data

Getting Beyond the Economy: a Journey with Extinction Rebellion

What does prosperity mean to you?

Migration, Diversity and Politics through the Psychoanalytic Lens

We are ‘all in it together’

Labour’s embrace of UBS “can renew social contract”

Engineering a sensible smart city

Forget a basic income—here’s how UBS could fund housing and transport for all

IGP Director Professor Moore appointed to Expert Advisory Panel of the landmark Dasgupta Review

Culture, collaboration and cities: reflections on the Global Grand Challenges Summit 2019

Adolescent Lives - Reviewing our Findings, and Looking to the Future

“Maisha bora - living a good life”

Acoustic Cities panel discussion

How Research Creates More Inclusive Spaces

For Community to Thrive, Local Businesses Must Thrive Also

Citizen science and botanic knowledge among herders and farmers in Kenya

Our Summer Reading List 2019

A Third Emergent Migrant Subject Unrecognised in Law

Housing, displacement and the elderly

Launch of a Prosperity Index for London

Can we have UBS and UBI?

Crafting global prosperity together is the task for the SDGeneration

IGP Podcast

My Perfect Country: Making a difference

Special Fast Forward 2030 - Biodiversity - SDG15: Life on Land

Joslin Kehdy of Recycle Lebanon - Circular Economy Hub for Lebanon

Jacqueline McGlade on monitoring the environment from space

IGP Films

Post-Covid Live 5: Farming the Future

Post-Covid Live 4: Cascading the Positive

Post-Covid Live 3: Everybody counts

Post-Covid Live 2: Energizing the Exit

Post-Covid Live 1: Whatever It Takes

Rebuilding Macroeconomics after the Pandemic

RELIEF Centre: Life Stories from Bar Elias

Addressing Lebanon’s 'double crisis': The project

Addressing Lebanon’s 'double crisis': It was a river

Addressing Lebanon’s 'double crisis': I am here

Addressing Lebanon’s 'double crisis': Waste journey

How can we work towards a greener future for our planet?

RELIEF: Prosperity in the age of mass displacement

Rethinking what prosperity means for London

Bringing citizen-led research into policymaking

Why prosperity now?

Transforming Education in Challenging Environments

Addressing vulnerabilities through infrastructure

IGP Data

Covid 19 as a Challenge to Prosperity: The case of Money A+E Service Users

Farmer Led Regenerative Agriculture for Africa

Finance, Technology and Displacement: Towards a Research Agenda

Towards Prosperity: Reinvigorating Local Economies through Universal Basic Services

Rethinking Prosperity: Perspectives of Young People living in East London

Evaluating the Impact of Money Advice and Education's Work on Creating Prosperity

Universal Basic Services: Theory and Practice

Transitions to renewable energy and sustainable prosperity in Lebanon: Why democratic infrastructure supports innovative energy projects in Lebanon

Community Cryptocurrencies for Sustainable Prosperity: A Case Study of FairCoin

Social prosperity for the future: A proposal for Universal Basic Services

Lost in Translation? An Assessment of the SDGs as a Basis for Private Sector Action: A Case Study of Palm Oil

Data audit: Requirements for Improving Measures and Outcome Indicators in Lebanon

Rethinking prosperity for London: When citizens lead transformation

Prosperity Index Pilot Wave 2017: Summary of Methodology and Description of Indicators

Transitions to renewable energy and sustainable prosperity in Lebanon: A people centred approach to equitable energy supply

IGP Events

The IGP's Soundbites Series

The IGP's Director’s Seminars Series

Fast Forward 2030: Food Waste

The IGP's Director’s Seminars Series

The IGP's Soundbites Series

Fast Forward 2030: Sustainable Cities

Soundbite: Check Global: Building a Digital Literacy Network Across the World

Soundbite: Data, Power and Consent in Humanitarian Support

Director's Seminar: Climate Change Politics in Urban Environments

Soundbite: Innovating Bold, Fast and Responsibly: How to Resolve the Tension Between Growth and Responsibility in the Digital Economy

Director's Seminar: Performing Rights: Contemporary Art, the Refugee Condition, and the Alibi of Engagement

Soundbite: AI and Human Rights Investigations

Director's Seminar: Migration, Globalisation, Work and Poverty

We Are 5 - Professor Homi Bhabha, On Global Perplexity and Global Prosperity

Soundbite: The Scramble for Data: How & Why Surveillance Is Being Exported Around the World

The IGP's Director’s Seminars Series Autumn 2019

The IGP's Soundbites Series Autumn 2019

Financing Prosperity by Dealing with Debts

Secure Livelihoods and Digital Technologies in East London