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A New Economics for Economic Security

Monday 3 June, 2024 | 14:00 -15:30 |


Online via Zoom

Rebuilding Macroeconomics


Strategic competition and economic security pose challenges for economic policymakers focused on optimising trade and commercial relationships as per traditional macroeconomics. Instead, they are examining the role of industrial strategies – including subsidies, FDI screening and export bans to ensure the production and supply of critical materials, semi-conductors and energy – while limiting trade in dual-use technologies.

This seminar will discuss the merits or otherwise of these approaches with representatives from the security, trade, and economics policy communities. It will explore how economic frameworks need to be upgraded and how traditional approaches are challenged by security considerations. The implications for global competition, co-operation and prosperity will also be considered.

Welcome and opening remarks: Henrietta Moore - Founder and Director of IGP

Chair: William Hynes - Honorary Professor of Practice at IGP and Senior Climate Economist at the World Bank

Speakers include:

Benedetta Berti - Head of Policy Planning, Office of the Secretary General, NATO

Elizabeth Baltzan - Senior Advisor, Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR), Executive Office of the President

David E. Adler - Contributing Editor, American Affairs

Brian Kettenring - Co-President, The Global Fund for a New Economy

Final programme here.

Note: This event will take place online via Zoom

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