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Prosperity in east London: a citizen's view

Friday 14 July, 2023 | 09:00 -05:00 |


Applecart Arts Theatre 207 Plashet Grove London E6 1BX United Kingdom

14 July 2023–21 July 2023, 9:00 am–5:00 pm

Explore the impact of large-scale urban redevelopment on diverse communities through the residents' own stories

Step into the world of east London's communities as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of urban regeneration. "Prosperity in east London: a citizen's view" invites you to witness their stories and explore the obstacles they face in achieving prosperity.

Through captivating print and textile artworks, alongside interactive installations, this exhibition brings together the creative vision of local artist Alaa Alsaraji and residents from east London who were trained as citizen social scientists to conduct qualitative research on prosperity in east London as part of our Prosperity in east London 2021-2031 Longitudinal Study.

Join us in a collective space of dialogue, where communities, policymakers, academics, artists, and businesses are invited to converge. Gain insight into vital topics surrounding regeneration, including housing inequality, the evolving face of racism, inadequate support for individuals with special educational needs and disabilities, safety concerns, rising crime rates, and mental health challenges.

Exploring the impact of large-scale urban redevelopment on diverse communities, we ask poignant questions: "Who truly benefits and how?" "What obstacles hinder prosperity for different groups?" and "What does prosperity mean to local communities?"

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