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Prosperity and Playfulness

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Marie Williams

Countries throughout the world agree that it is a human right for all children to play - as stated in Article 31, The United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)

You have a right to play!

The benefits of play are not universally known or understood. The majority of literature that evidences the means in which outdoor play supports the development of social, physical and cognitive and emotional skills is presented through website articles, book publications or academic literature.

Animations as inclusive communication tool in community-based research

My collaborative PHD project focuses on democratising outdoor play through a process of co-design in Kitengela, Kenya. Early this year I had the privilege of engaging with parents and teachers through interviews and focus group meetings. My aim was to ascertain their perceptions of outdoor play and to introduce the outdoor play focus of my PHD project.

Communicating the hidden benefits of play in a manner that is accessible and fun

I realised it was imperative to communicate the hidden benefits of play in a manner that is accessible and fun. I created an animation that explains the importance of outdoor play and why we are addressing the lack of outdoor play areas in Kitengela. The animation shows how play benefits children and what role those watching the animation could have in enacting change within the peri urban landscape of the rapidly developing town of Kitengela.

We shared our animation through YouTube and WhatsApp. The responses were extremely positive and provided an avenue for more conversation, especially on the participants personal role in enabling outdoor play to flourish in Kitengela.


For more information visit https://www.mariewilliams.design/ & follow @_play4all.

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