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Fourth Annual Women in Macroeconomics Conference: Who is the 'individual' in Macroeconomics?

Thursday 9 December, 2021 | 14:00 -18:20 |


Online via Zoom

Rebuilding Macroeconomics

This conference is hosted by IGP's Rebuilding Macroeconomics.

In modern macroeconomics the decision-making agent is unequivocally the individual. If we enquire more about who she or he may be, we are told it is someone with their own tastes and preferences, and that they make their choice in splendid isolation from everyone else. Anything else would be ‘unscientific’. This definition is indiscriminate, untestable and, of course, tells us absolutely nothing about who she or he really is or how they choose.

In our Fourth Annual Women in Macroeconomics Conference, we want to investigate what we mean by the ‘individual’ in macroeconomics, particularly when considering gendered roles and identities. If the existing macroeconomic methodology reflects modelling convenience, then what is the alternative? Does this alien caricature of an individual influence how women see macroeconomics, and might this perhaps account for lack of representation of women in the discipline? How can we do macroeconomics while taking full account of our multiple identities as real human beings?

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