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Venice Biennale 2021: Beirut Shifting Grounds

Saturday 22 May, 2021 |



RELIEF PROCOL Lebanon Public Services Arts Infrastructure

Data from the RELIEF Centre and CatalyticAction project Assessing Vulnerabilities in Post-Blast Beirut is now featured in the Shifting Grounds Exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2021

The expo foregrounds improvisation practices that give life to Beirut's ground and define the experience of the city, making it vibrant and benevolent despite its adversities.

Beirut Shifting Grounds is a research project that spanned over two years, simultaneously as Beirut was going downhill with the collapse of its economy, pandemic outbreak and finally the Beirut Port explosion. This very same period was ripe with unprecedented activism, collective self-organization and bottom up mobilization in the face of the pervading adversity.

View the exhibition here: https://beirutshiftinggrounds.com/Urban

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