Assessing Vulnerabilities in Mar Mikhael (Post Beirut Blast)

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The RELIEF Centre and Catalytic Action have been working together to Assess Vulnerabilities in Post-Blast #Beirut.

This project comes as a medium-term assessment, six months after the blast, to shed some light on the changing landscape of local vulnerabilities following immediate efforts mobilised on the ground. Conducting a survey of over 400 households in the neighbourhood of Mar Mikhael and comparing the findings with data collected in Mar Mikhael in 2018, the research addresses the following key questions: How have local vulnerabilities changed from pre-crisis to post-explosion? What has the impact been on employment and housing? How have people dealt with losses, and how has this affected their mental health and wellbeing?

The wider scope of the project is in collaboration with the AUB- Beirut Urban Lab.

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