How to Overcome our Addiction to Economic Growth ? - Circular Metabolism Podcast

23 March 2023

How did we get addicted to growth? How did we get addicted to a concept such as GDP when its creator warned us that we shouldn’t use to value our prosperity. Over the years, we know the problems, we even know the solutions, yet we don’t manage to move ahead. So what is wrong? What is stopping us from moving ahead? There are some underlying problems with our addiction we need to address if we want to move forward.

During this podcast, Professor Robert Constanza, discusses his interdisciplinary research, which combines the study of human behaviour with that of the natural world, to tackle research, policy, and management problems across various time and space scales - ranging from small localities to the global system. His work has been instrumental in developing ideas like ecosystem services valuation and the concept of planetary boundaries. Additionally, his latest publication, "Addicted to Growth - Societal Therapy for a Sustainable Wellbeing Future," has recently been released.

Robert Costanza is a Professor of Ecological Economics at the Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP) at University College London (UCL).

Listen to the podcast here

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