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World Wetlands Day 2022 Conference

Wednesday 2 February, 2022 |


Online via Zoom

World Wetlands Day, celebrated annually on 2 February, aims to raise global awareness about the vital role of wetlands for people and planet. This day also marks the date of the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands on 2 February 1971, in the Iranian city of Ramsar.

A call to take action for wetlands is the focus of this years’ campaign. It's an appeal to invest financial, human and political capital to save the world’s wetlands from disappearing and to restore those we have degraded. 2 February 2022 is the first year that World Wetlands Day will be observed as a United Nations international day, following its adoption by the General Assembly on 30 August 2021 in a resolution co-sponsored by 75 member states.

Professor Robert Costanza, Professor of Ecological Economics at UCL Institute for Global Prosperity, is going to give a "Special Address: Recognizing and integrating Wetland Values in Development Planning". For details, please refer to enclosed programme rundown and visit https://www.unep.org/events/un-day/world-wetlands-day-2022

Image Credit: Website of WorldWetlandsDay (https://www.unep.org/events/un-day/world-wetlands-day-2022)

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