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Farmer Led Regenerative Agriculture for Africa

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Regenerative Agriculture offers the potential to create a new farming future for Africa. The radical transformation of our agricultural systems presents the opportunity to revive ecosystems, amplify biodiversity and improve dietary diversity, positive impacts that will cascade across sectors and create new pathways to more prosperous, resilient and sustainable futures (Moore 2021).

The window of opportunity to undertake such a transformation is now. The future of industrial agricultural practice looks bleak, with food production oriented around market growth and global food security through high yields. These contribute to the erosion of ecosystems, depletion of biodiversity, reduction of dietary diversity and vulnerability to future climate extremes (IPCC 2018; IPBES 2019). When coupled with population growth, weak financial and welfare systems, widening inequalities and the persistence of malnutrition, humanity’s future and its relationship with the planet looks dire. The need for an alternative farming future premised on Regenerative Agriculture has thus never been more imperative.

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