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Fintech, Remittances and Migrants' Prosperity

This working paper was originally submitted as a dissertation as part of the MSc in Global Prosperity.

It will explore, through a systematic review, to what extent fintech—financial technologies—are an instrument to transform migrants and remittance recipients’ foundations of prosperity, understood as the baseline for people to thrive, linked with secure jobs, income, financial stress, financial and digital inclusion, and local income equality. Additionally, it explores what are the elements shaping fintech’s impact. Findings illustrate that technology is positively impacting prosperity, yet, adopters are not those on the last mile; fintech leaves behind those who are unbanked, unskilled, highly rural-based and with strong needs for financial services. Governments’ role concerning capacity, fintech regulation and ICT promotion is crucial for drawing impact, along with fintech service attributes such as domestication, agent banking and interconnectivity.

You can find the working paper here.

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