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Soundbite: Check Global: Building a Digital Literacy Network Across the World

Thursday 5 December, 2019 | 13:00 -14:00 |


Bentham House LG11 Lecture Room 4–8 Endsleigh Gardens London WC1H 0EG

The BCU and Meedan teams have been recently successful with a new round of funding to expand their work on the Check project from the MENA to include new partners in East Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. The aim of Check Global is to collaborate with an international network of independent media organizations, journalism schools and human rights researchers in the developing world to create open source tools and online and offline training to support emerging practices in digital media literacy skills, fact-checking, disinformation monitoring and online verification. This talk will focus on the challenges of designing and delivering a project which makes sense and is impactful in 15 different countries, and the opportunities such a program offers to the research team based at the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research.

The Speaker
Dima Saber
Dr Dima Saber is a Senior Research Fellow and is Associate Director for External Funding and Research Development at the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research. Her research is focussed on media depictions of conflict in the Arab region, and she is responsible for leading and delivering projects in citizen journalism in the Middle East and North Africa region, exploring ways digital literacy can foster social change and enhance the work of political activists in post-revolution and in conflict countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Egypt and Palestine.

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