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How can locally embedded organisations create pathways towards more inclusive and sustainable prosperity? A case study of Money A+E

8 October 2022

Shuaib Jalal-Eddeen

This research asks how locally embedded organisations impact people and create pathways towards more inclusive and sustainable prosperity. Prosperity is understood as a concept that takes on specific meanings in specific localities, while encompassing ‘secure and good quality livelihoods, good public services, a clean and healthy environment, planetary and ecosystem health, a political system that allows everyone to be heard, and the ability to have rich social and cultural lives’ (Moore and Mintchev 2021: 3). To answer this question, the research uses a case-study approach, focusing on Money Advice and Education (Money A+E). Money A+E is a social enterprise based in Newham, London, which provides money advice and education to disadvantaged groups, Diverse Ethnic Communities (DEC) and young people (Money A+E 2022). Data collection involved semistructured interviews, conducted between October 2021 and March 2022 with eight people who have used Money A+E’s services. The transcripts of these interviews were then analysed to develop the key themes in this report.

Read the report here

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