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Global population hits 8 billion, but per-capita consumption is still the main problem

Ida Kubiszewski, Robert Costanza, Lorenzo Fioramonti, Paul Sutton

15th November 2022

The world population has just hit a new record of 8 billion.

Scientists and experts have been arguing that we need to limit population growth to avoid an ecological catastrophe. It is said the overall impact of affluence is also a function of living standards.

Our approach to affluence needs to be reconsidered to optimise energy use and efficiency. We also need to think about regenerative practices and homegrown solutions in food production.

The solution could be found through "wellbeing economy", where the economy should be determined by public interest and would combine great life quality and a reduced impact on the environment.

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Ida Kubiszewski is Associate Professor in Global Prosperity at the Institute for Global Prosperity

Professor Robert Constanza is a Professor of Ecological Economics at the Institute for Global Prosperity

Image credit: Joseph Chan on Unsplash

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