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Henrietta Chairs "Re-imagining Urban Livelihoods" Session at KNOW CONFERENCE: The Future of Urban Equality - Knowledge, Partnerships And Pathways In Action

Tuesday 8 February, 2022 | 12:00 -13:30 |




The Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality (KNOW) programme would like to share 4 years of research and capacity building in a conference that will run from 7-10 February 2022.

The main aims of the KNOW Conference are to share the key findings that contribute to:

  • shaping action pathways to urban equality at local, national and international scales;
  • addressing theories and practices related to the cross-cutting challenges of resilience, prosperity and extreme poverty, and their relationship to urban equality;
  • promoting the co-production of knowledge and the related ‘ethics of practice’ in applied research and capacity building across local and global agendas and collectively planned initiatives that seek to address urban equality.

Drawn from and across 12 cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, the key findings will be presented for comment and discussion through 8 online webinars, structured as follows:

Prof Henrietta Moore, Director of the Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP) at UCL, chairs one of the sessions themed on"Re-imagining urban livelihoods"

Theme 2: "Re-imagining urban livelihoods"

Re-imagining urban livelihoods through community-led research and capacity building on prosperity and collective enterprise development.

As an extension of the unequal distribution of material living conditions in urban areas, this theme focuses specifically on urban livelihoods. It seeks to shift the traditional economic focus in four ways: first by arguing for a shift from traditional economic definitions to a broader notion of prosperity as flourishing; second, by exploring the collective development and potential of social enterprises, linked to emerging urban sectors and/or addressing pressing urban problems; third, by exploring the potential of social enterprises based on recycling; and finally, by proposing alternative methodologies for co-producing knowledge and practice in across the previous sub-themes.


  • Transformative Pathways to Equality: Women’s Experiences in Participatory Upgrading of Basic Infrastructure in Informal Settlements
    Dr Tatu Mtwangi-Limbumba, (Ardhi University)
  • Livelihood security as the foundation of prosperity: lessons from community-led research in Dar es Salaam
    Dr Saffron Woodcraft, (IGP, UCL), Festo D Makoba, (CCI Tanzania)
  • Communities in action: The value of co-production in realising urban equality in Kampala
    Judith Mbabazi and Teddy Kisembo (Urban Laboratory, Makerere University)
  • Danang fishing villages: Preserving cultural heritages to improve livelihood in response to rapid urbanisation
    Phan Trần Kiều Trang (Da Nang Architecture University)

For details, please visit https://www.urban-know.com/conference-2022

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