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The economics of the SDGs

Associate Professor Ida Kubiszewski speaks on the UCL podcast to warn against the use of gross domestic product as a measure for wellbeing, and calls for a rethink of our financial system at a global level, in order to tackle the most pressing issues we're facing. Listen to...
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To prosperity and beyond podcast

To Prosperity and Beyond

To Prosperity and Beyond is a mini-series embedded within the IGP’s Life of PIE podcast series. It focuses on the lives and experiences of professionals who are addressing the challenges to global prosperity through transformative entrepreneurship. Each episode, co-hosts and PIE programme alumni RP Duterte and Sam Tamayo delve into some of the terminologies surrounding prosperity, innovation a...
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Unlocking people power through citizen science

17 November 2023 'Citizen science is not just a process of consulting people; it's a process of bringing people together collectively to drive forward the process of research itself. Listen to IGP Director Professor Henrietta Moore and PROCOL Africa researcher Joel Bitok on The Times Higher Education podcast talking about citizen science and building knowledge with local communities to bring tangible benefits to livelihoods ...
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Imagining Turkey podcast

Imagining Turkey

17 November 2023 This bi-monthly podcast series offers unfamiliar ways of looking at the political transformation Turkey has been going through at the national and international level. Imagination, as an analytical angle, deserves our attention as a political and social force that informs and connects masses, crosses borders, and manifests new socialities. The podcast series will host influential scholars, intellectuals, and artists who study and shape the imagination of Turke...
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Takhayyul Nativeness and Emergent Issues Podcast

23 March 2023 The Institute for Global Prosperity's ERC Project Takhayyul is carried out in eleven different countries in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia, often included in the concept of the Global South, where people are more vulnerable to global changes and crises - as we have seen in the flood catastrophe in Pakistan. Many members of the team are scholars who have expertise in the geographies they grew up in. This series has emerged due to the pressing iss...
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Life of pie

Life of PIE podcast with Onya Idoko and Juan Manuel Castillo

23 March 2023 Life of PIE (Prosperity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship) is an original podcast from UCL Institute for Global Prosperity. The series delves into some of the latest research from our Prosperity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship MSc alumni students and starts a different kind of conversation with researchers, practitioners and entrepreneurs doing cutting edge work and rethinking entrepreneurship in new ways. Hosted by Prosperity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship MS...
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Circular metabolism podcast

How to Overcome our Addiction to Economic Growth ? - Circular Metabolism Podcast

23 March 2023 How did we get addicted to growth? How did we get addicted to a concept such as GDP when its creator warned us that we shouldn’t use to value our prosperity. Over the years, we know the problems, we even know the solutions, yet we don’t manage to move ahead. So what is wrong? What is stopping us from moving ahead? There are some underlying problems with our addiction we need to address if we want to move forward. During this podcast, Professor Robert Constanza, d...
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Ecological Economics for A Sustainable Wellbeing Future - The Public Sphere

01 February 2023 Adverse impacts of climate change are becoming more visible each year. As the international community seeks to address this growing challenge, it is confronted with a tension between economic development and the limits of the planet. Can we continue pursuing growth at all costs, or is there a different way to defining development for the future? In this podcast episode, Dr Robert Costanza reflects on how we might approach global development in a manner tha...
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Back to the future. Healing our addiction to growth

9 November 2022 Sofia Bellardinelli and Tiziano Distefano Today, ecological economics is a well-established economic approach and academic discipline, with theoretical cornerstones, founding textbooks, leading representatives. This institutionalisation, which has been slow to take place and has long faced opposition from mainstream economic circles, is the latest step in a journey that reaches back a long way, starting, in essence, from a realisation. Ecologica...
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The healthcare policy podcast

The Healthcare Policy Podcast: Prof. Robert Costanza Discusses Ecological Economics

25 January 2022 Our economy is frequently defined as one of unpaid costs. (Think: Garret Hardin and the tragedy of the commons.) Nature or natural resources are considered either inexhaustible and/or the byproducts of their use, such as polluted air and degraded water quality, are externalized costs borne by society, i.e., no one. Our economic model perfectly well explains the climate crisis. Treating our atmosphere and our oceans as open sewers has resulted in both g...
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ABC Future Tense Podcast: Litigating our way out of climate change

23 July 2021 Responses to climate change are often marked by frustration as much as fear. Those seeking to end our fossil-fuel dependency are increasingly turning to litigation to force the hands of companies and governments - often on human rights grounds. But do the courts have a legitimate role to play in leading the way? Or is this a form of judicial activism? Guests ...
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BBC Radio 3 Green Thinking: Food

21 July 2021 Dr Matthew Davies joins Des Fitzgerald and Peter Jackson to discuss the latest thinking on how we can make better decisions about the food we farm and eat. Listen to the Green Thinking podcast on Food on the BBC Radio 3 website...
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Fast Forward Podcast 2

Fast Forward 2030 Podcast with Joana Jurdi

Fast Forward 2030 RELIEF Middle East

27 April 2021 Fast Forward 2030 Lebanon have launched a podcast all about Lebanon and the sustainable development goals. Presently, Lebanon faces the most difficult challenges in addressing governance, financial viability, social justice, basic human rights and environmental degradation. Thus addressing these challenges and opening space for solutions and plans to reach measurable goals for a greater quality of life constitutes a valuable mission. Host Joana Jurdi will...
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Coronavirus: The Whole Story - Could COVID-19 save the planet?

Climate Emergency

09 October 2020 The 'Coronavirus: The Whole Story' podcast highlights UCL's interdisciplinary expertise on Covid-19 - focusing on its management, mitigation, eventual halt, and preparing for a post-coronavirus world. This episode explores the role COVID-19 has played in the climate crisis. As things have changed, traffic has gone down in cities, people are realising what clean air really feels like. But the short term gains on the environment are matched by the explosion of PP...
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SD Podcast

Coronavirus: The Whole Story: Could COVID be the great equaliser?


02 October 2020 The 'Coronavirus: The Whole Story' podcast highlights UCL's interdisciplinary expertise on Covid-19 - focusing on its management, mitigation, eventual halt, and preparing for a post-coronavirus world. In this episode, the IGP Director, Professor Henrietta L. Moore, joined a panel of experts who talked about inequality, the health impacts of the virus, and how different communities have been affected. Image created by Dewi Christina. Submitted for U...
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My Perfect Country: Making a difference

15 July 2019 For three series, My Perfect Country has sought to build the perfect country. Inspired by positive thinking, it takes policies from around the world that actually work and have solved global problems. We ask why they work, and whether they could work anywhere. Out of this comes a forensic analysis of what good global policy should look like. In this one-off special, the My Perfect Country team travel to the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where they join a gr...
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Special Fast Forward 2030 - Biodiversity - SDG15: Life on Land

15 July 2019 This episode is a live event from Fast Forward 2030 on Sustainable Development Goals SDG15: Life on Land, with a special focus on combatting desertification, tackling deforestation and halting biodiversity loss. We hear from Chris Forbes of Cheeky Panda, Dom Desmond of Critically Endangered Socks and Keiran Whitaker of Entocycle. This episode is a live event from Fast Forward 2030 on Sustainable Development Goals SDG15: Life on Land, with a special focus on combat...
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Joslin Kehdy of Recycle Lebanon - Circular Economy Hub for Lebanon

10 May 2019 Joslin Kehdy is the founder of Recycle Lebanon an NGO addressing the waste emergency in Lebanon and creating a regenerative system change from within Beirut. Highlights: Examples of initiatives within Recycle LebanonEcosouk - eco product marketplaceRegenerate Lebanon - a circular hub towards regenerative development within BeirutImportance of getting information out to people in bite size Useful links: R...
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Jacqueline McGlade on monitoring the environment from space

28 November 2018 An ecologist who fell in love with computing, Jacqueline McGlade pioneered the use of satellites study the state of the global environment. Today thanks to programmes like Google Earth, we can see the surface of the earth in great detail. But when Jacqueline was a student, earth observation satellites were used for weather forecasting and not much else. Early in her career, she used satellite images to study fish populations, thinking it would be useful to know not o...