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Escaping the UK’s Tax Trap

Thursday 10 March, 2022 | 13:00 -14:15 |



PROCOL UK Public Services

Rising pressures on public spending, the transformation to Net Zero, and the cost of living crisis are all contributing to an urgent challenge to how we fund our societies and maintain productive economies in the 21st century

Tax rises will be needed. But what kinds of tax reform will be politically acceptable? Are there opportunities to change the shape of the state? Can Universal Basic Services support tax reform, Levelling Up, and Net Zero ambitions? How do we protect economic performance and our climate?

The IGP’s National Contributions report outlines reforms that would support the Net Zero transition by reducing the cost of living. The panel will discuss the challenges to and opportunities for fundamental reform of the tax system, and the best way to use new revenues to meet the UK’s 21st century challenges.


Professor Henrietta L. Moore, Founding Director of the Institute for Global Prosperity

Ann Pettifor, Prime Economics, Author of the The Case for the Green New Deal

Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council

Andrew Percy, Co-Director of the Social Prosperity Network at IGP, Author of the National Contributions report

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