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The IGP's Soundbites Series Autumn 2019

Thursday 29 February, 2024 |

The IGP's Soundbites series are public events hosted by the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity, and open to all.

**Please register for each Soundbite on Eventbrite. The links for each event are listed above their description.**

Soundbites are a platform for professionals and entrepreneurs who are leading in their field. Speakers are innovators and inspiring actors working in new and traditional sectors, outside of academia. The Soundbite gives the audience an insight into how their organisation contributes to sustainable and inclusive prosperity.

This series will be delving into the world of data, artificial intelligence and our digital lives to explore how the governance of digital infrastructures, individual freedoms and surveillance capitalism are shaping our societies. Who are those trying to use technology to help us re-think prosperity in terms of fairness, accountability and inclusivity? The internet as micro and macro innovation has given humanity unquantifiable benefits and possibilities, and changed our notional experiences of living, but we are only just beginning to understand new risks and threats beyond what was predicted in fictional dystopian imaginations from George Orwell to Black Mirror. Speakers in this series are at the helm of organisations working on the frontiers of the challenges, the contradictions and the uncertainties emerging from disruptive technologies and will help us understand what needs to be done for a more prosperous future for everyone.

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