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Imagine: Voices from Lebanon

RELIEF Mass Displacement Middle East

Dr Samar Maqusi , Kae Ohene-Yeboah, Mariam Daher

In the era of Covid-19, the call to imagine feels more important than ever.

‘To imagine’ means to picture something you can’t currently see. To step beyond the current moment, and perceive something different. Rather than being a flight away from reality, imagination is sometimes the best response to it – the only way to get us somewhere new.

Yet, how is imagination different when you are a refugee? How is it different when you are a refugee living through both displacement and a pandemic? These are the kinds of inquiries we set out to explore with our refugee partners in the field.

More specifically, we asked a few community members from Burj el Barajneh camp in Beirut Lebanon and Bar Elias in the Zahlé District to reflect on the following questions:

What does imagination mean to you? Do you imagine?

What is your personal imagination of the future? What is (a collective) community imagination for you? What is collective human (global) imagination for you?

Imagine: Voices from Lebanon is a virtual showcase of their submission. Both exhibitions feature pieces by different artists. To find out more about the artists and to see the exhibitions please click here:


Image credit: Skitterphoto on Pexels

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