Joslin Kehdy of Recycle Lebanon - Circular Economy Hub for Lebanon

10 May 2019

Joslin Kehdy is the founder of Recycle Lebanon an NGO addressing the waste emergency in Lebanon and creating a regenerative system change from within Beirut.


  • Examples of initiatives within Recycle Lebanon
  • Ecosouk - eco product marketplace
  • Regenerate Lebanon - a circular hub towards regenerative development within Beirut
  • Importance of getting information out to people in bite size

Useful links:

Recycle Lebanon -

Joslin Kehdy -


[00:55] Lebanon is in a permanent problem of waste emergency in Lebanon

[03:20] Solutions that are copy and pasted from Lebanon

[04:42] Collection points for cigarette buds

[06:49] Surfboards for outdoor lovers

[07:27] Styrofoams in surfboards

[09:55] Regenerate Labenon and circular village within the city

[12:08] NGO profits and community

[14:59] Information is the challenge

[16:54] Increasing use of single-use plastic

[17:58] Scaling Regenerate Lebanon

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