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Bartlett BAME Staff and Student Forum: A Space of Radical Connectedness

Ala'a Shehabi and Kae O Yeboah

In March 2021, we launched a staff and student forum for the BAME members of the Bartlett community. The formation of this group was part of the Bartlett 2020 Dean's Race Equality Pledges. A series of commitments resulting from the Bartlett Dialogues on race and the built environment held in the summer of 2020.

No change in any organisation striving for racial equality can do it without the collective effort of all its staff. However, the ultimate indicator of progress will be the material improvement in the lived experience of Bartlett's BAME staff and student community.

As Guilaine Kinouani says in her new book Living While Black: The Essential Guide to Overcoming Racial Trauma, racism is built on separation, segregation, dominance and lovelessness. This forum aims to create a space of radical connectedness to share expressions of pain, beauty, joy, and love. Now we have 80 members; the forum has developed a momentum of its own. All conversations are kept in strict confidence while we build connections and support each other in navigating the lonely space of a predominantly white institution.

If you are a member of the Bartlett Community who identifies as Black, Asian or is part of a Minority Ethnic group and would like to join the forum, you can join our teams channel here.

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