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The politics of decolonial investigations and the ethics of solidarity

Tuesday 19 March, 2024 | 09:00 -12:00 |


Chandler House (UCL), 2 Wakefield Street, London, WC1N 1PF

PROCOL Lebanon

What does decoloniality for the Middle East look like today and what kinds of ethics do we need to challenge ongoing coloniality and its manifestations? What forms of knowledge production and dissemination can we garner for effective critique, as well as for envisaging pathways to future justice? What practices of solidarity – be they local, national or transnational – could we establish to affirm the principles of care, equality and justice, but also to unlock potentialities for solutions to critical challenges?

Realistic answers are difficult to envisage given the overwhelming scale of the catastrophe: from the devastating war in Gaza and the political indifference towards human life it has revealed, to the ongoing climate disaster and environmental annihilation in the wider Middle East region, reality looks bleak and solutions can seem out of reach. Yet, solutions do exist, and they are being enacted; research, art, activism, and public mobilisation are all seeing vital new initiatives that are challenging the landscapes of colonial power, not just politically and socially, but also epistemically, at the level of knowledge and discourse about whose voice matters, what the future should look like, and what problems and solutions should be prioritised.

Through this event, part of a week-long celebration of the work of IGP's existing initiatives – including the work of the Prosperity Co-Laboratory for Lebanon – and highlight the possibilities they open for new social, economic, and environmental solutions. The events will highlight the importance of starting with lived realities on the ground and the challenge they pose to colonial structures of domination and global epistemic injustice. The events will further explore the kinds of ethical forms of knowledge production and social solidarity that must drive action towards better social, economic and environmental futures.

When: Tuesday, 19 March, 2023

Location: Chandler House, B02, UCL
2 Wakefield Street
London WC1N 1PF

The event will be followed by an opening reception at the art exhibition Mazen Kerbaj x Jana Traboulsi : Visual Diaries of Solidarity with Gaza curated by Mona Hallak and Mayssa Jallad.


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