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IGP celebrates 10th Anniversary

24 January 2024

Join us in celebrating the significant work and impact of the IGP across the globe during its first ten-year legacy

Since its inception, the Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP) has established a teaching programme that now admits over 150 MSc students each year, and has proudly evolved into a well-renowned research institution dedicated to improving the lives of people and promoting equal access to services for all.

Founder and Director of the IGP Dame Professor Henrietta Moore said

“This year we mark an important milestone in our journey to become the world's leading centre for rethinking what prosperity means in the 21st century and co-creating alternative pathways towards more inclusive, sustainable and just forms of prosperity through the many challenges we face.

Thank you to staff, students, collaborators and the wider IGP community, past and present, for their part in their contribution thus far, and to all those who will be part of the IGP’s future.”

Dr Christopher Harker, Deputy Director of the IGP said

“By working with communities, governments, third sector organisations, social entrepreneurs in the UK, Lebanon, Kenya and many other places, assembling a diverse student body from across the globe, and contributing to leading-edge academic thinking and debates, the IGP will continue to grow its delivery of impact for decades to come.”

With its vision to build a prosperous and sustainable future, the IGP now offers three master’s courses, focused on equipping the leaders of tomorrow in rethinking and reshaping the current frameworks to understand and improve wellbeing, based on social equity, intergenerational justice and environmental sustainability.

Among its notable achievements, the IGP celebrates the launch of the UCL Citizen Science Academy to deliver community-based, practice-led research training to empower communities to lead change through social action and shaping policies that impact their livelihoods; the Citizen Prosperity Index to help decision makers and communities understand what prosperity means in different localities; the Prosperity in east London 2021-2031 longitudinal study led by Dr Saffron Woodcraft; the recent innovative work on carbon sequestration led by Professor Jacquie McGlade; and the ongoing citizen science work in Lebanon to co-create interventions that can improve the quality of life of Lebanese people led by the Prosperity Co-Laboratory for Lebanon.

Check out our events calendar for the year and join us in the celebrations.

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