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Rebuilding prosperity for the 21st century requires new ways of thinking and acting and the kind of vision, commitment and courage that informed the national conversation in the 1940s. The Institute for Global Prosperity is launching the Rebuilding Prosperity Campaign calling on policy-makers from Town and City Halls to Whitehall and from National Assemblies to the Westminster Parliament to engage in a new conversation and to join our campaign for a radical new approach that will create shared prosperity across the country.

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Henrietta Moore: The new unitary authorities should be outriders for further devolution

Adopting a citizen-scientist based model could give local people greater ownership and voice, writes the director of the Institute for Global Prosperity and the chair in culture, philosophy and design at University College London. Please read the article here This article was published by Local Governme...

Why a new definition of prosperity and radical ideas are needed to build back better post-pandemic and how to achieve this

As we emerge from the shadow of COVID-19, governments around the world face an unprecedented triple threat of global recession, a degrading environment and enduring and widening inequality. The pandemic has exacerbated international, national, and regional disparities, from access to digital services and housing, to education and health outcomes. Traditional macro-economic approaches to building prosperity have failed. Politicians and policymakers have a choice to make. They can eithe...

Radical ideas are needed to ‘build back better’

Read Professor Moore's letter on how to build back better here. This post was originally published by Financial Times....

UCL’s Institute for Global Prosperity criticises top down levelling-up and calls for a 21st Century approach to prosperity

16 March 2021, London: The UCL Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP) is calling on the Government, policy makers, academics and citizens to adopt a brave and bold approach to shared prosperity by placing livelihood security and people-led policymaking at the heart of COVID-19 recovery planning and the levelling-up agenda. In a new report, ‘Rebuild...

A New Measure of Prosperity

The Institute for Global Prosperity calls for a new measure of prosperity as the focal point of ‘levelling up’ and post-Covid planning which the Budget 2021 failed to do, by instead placing jobs at the top of the recovery. For far too long, policy-makers have resorted to GDP, economic growth and productivity as the measures of success for the UK economy. However, rising structural inequalities, in-work poverty and job precariousness challenge the notion that economic growth should...

What a budget for shared prosperity needs

The Institute for Global Prosperity’s (IGP) views on what the Budget 2021 should have done to Rebuild Prosperity for the 21st Century A Conversation for Change The IGP is a world-leading academic institution with a mission to rethink what prosperity means for people around the globe, to help build a prosperous, sustainable, and global future underpinned by principles of fairness and justice. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, rebuilding prosperity for the ...