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Rebuilding prosperity for the 21st century requires new ways of thinking and acting and the kind of vision, commitment and courage that informed the national conversation in the 1940s. The Institute for Global Prosperity is launching the Rebuilding Prosperity Campaign calling on policy-makers from Town and City Halls to Whitehall and from National Assemblies to the Westminster Parliament to engage in a new conversation and to join our campaign for a radical new approach that will create shared prosperity across the country.

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Participation Gap/Democratic Deficit VOTING The total number of UK Parliamentary electoral registrations increased by 484,000 (1.0%) between December 2019 and March 2020; this follows an increase of 1.3 million (2.8%) in the year to December 2019.Of the top 10 fastest increasing areas, eight are home to large populations of students and two are in central London areas with relatively young populations.Total number of Parli...


Campaign reports and working papers:Rebuilding Prosperity Campaign report (pdf) Re-thinking livelihood security: Why addressing the democratic deficit in economic policy-making open...